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25 January 2021 - 27 January 2021
Amsterdam, Netherlands
EU Fashion Match Amsterdam 10.0 @Modefabriek

EU Fashion Match Amsterdam 10.0 @Modefabriek

Meet your future business partner in the international fashion business in a VIRTUAL brokerage event program.

EU Fashion Match Amsterdam 10.0
Even more fashion success and growing runways with EU Fashion Match Amsterdam

Welcome to the virtual EU Fashion Match Amsterdam 10.0 Following the footsteps of previously successful events, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is delighted to invite you to the 10th EU Fashion Match Amsterdam on Monday 25th,  Tuesday 26th and 27th of January 2021. During the EU Fashion Match companies from all over the world, active in fashion, can meet potential business partners.  Besides the international brokerage matchmaking the 10th edition of the EU Fashion Match Amsterdam is focusing on young entrepreneurs in the international fashion for business and innovation.

The power of the young entrepreneur in the fashion business

The number of young entrepreneurs is increasing according a data analyses of Chamber of Commerce Netherlands (KVK), because:

  •  This generation has more guts, they are more curious and stubborn.
  •  The internet is helping. For example, young people see how much success influencers are on social media, and that makes success within their grasp.
  •  Young entrepreneurs understand very well how socials work and how they can build websites
  • It is much easier to set up a pretty good product without a large start-up capital anyway.
Do-gooders in the fashion industry

Most young entrepreneurs have a business of buying and selling clothes online. They start a  company because they want to make the world a little better. These initiatives are often quickly picked up by other companies and the media. Behind the cheap shirt, for example, hides a world of environmental pollution and child labor. The young entrepreneurs want to do something about this, but noticed that it was difficult for them to get sustainable clothing online. That is the reason why most of them start a platform for sustainable clothing.

Programme Items

  • Webinars on 25th and 26th January 2021
  • After each webinar there will be a 30 minutes Virtual Networking Reception via REMO-platform The link to enter this reception you will find in your agenda. There is place for 200 persons to meet!
  • Virtual Matchmaking sessions 25th, 26th and 27th January 2021

The DRAFT programme can be found in the orange top bar at Agenda

Who will benefit most from this event:

We particularly recommend the participation of:

  • Fashion Designers/Stylists
  • Emergents fashion labels and brands (garments/fashion accessories), start ups
  • Textile and accessories’ manufacturing companies and smes
  • Retailers, distributors, sales agents, Fashion stores
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • PR Agency, Coaching, Marketing and Business consultants
  • Buyers/Commercial Agents
  • University/R&D Institution looking for new partnerships

About Participation & Registration

You can register yourself for this event here

More information on participation and registration can be found under the tabs Participant


The EU Fashion Match Amsterdam 10.0 sessions will allow participants to get together with the most promising business partners in pre-scheduled online meetings. Are you curious and are you ready to expand your international network in the fashion business with young entrepreneurs? Then register and join the EU Fashion Match Amsterdam 10.0 to participate in the different webinars and engage in 1:1 video conversations with potential business partners.

  • Expand your international fashion network.
  • Meet potential business partners.
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations.
  • Pre-arranged 20 minute meetings.
  • Get more insights in the Dutch fashion market.
  • Good for brand awareness in the international fashion market.

After your profile is validated, you can go through the amount of profiles of other participating parties and book an appointment with interesting professionals you would like to meet. The organized session will take place virtual.

The webinars will be live with MS Teams. You will receive a link to access the webinars. The matchmaking sessions will take place by 1:1 video conversations. These are a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners from the comfort of your own home or office. The 30 minute sessions provide enough time to build connections. When the time is up, your video call will end automatically and you can move on to your next session. All sessions and 1:1 video conversations will be hosted on this B2Match platform.

You do not need to download any additional software. The B2Match platform enables you to share your screen to show documents and PowerPoints. Conversations will be held in English. For more information please check: How It Works

If you encounter any difficulties during your sessions, our technical staff will be available for assistance.

How to Register:

  1. Use the Register Tab to insert your registration
  2. Insert your contact details, your profile's description and pictures related to your products
  3. Remind to Complete the Marketplace session (Product or request or service inputs: it will help you to find the right partner for the meeting)
  4. Once registered you can select meetings from the participants list !
  5. Select clients you are interested in and click on request meeting .
  6. From your personal profile you will always have access to your personal Agenda where you will find your meetings, but we will send to you by mail your final AGENDA 4 days before the beginning of the event!

Supported by:


During the EU Fashion Match Amsterdam 10.0 the winners of WORTH calls for proposals will have the opportunity to virtually meet potential partners from Netherlands interested in further development and commercial valorization of their design products.

The WORTH initiative, funded under the COSME programme, aims to create transnational and cross-discipline collaborations between fashion, product and industrial designers, crafters, manufacturers, technology firms and start-ups across EU and COSME countries, to develop unique and high-end products in the following sectors: fashion and textile, footwear, fur and leather, furniture and home decoration, accessories and jewellery. By means of dedicated calls, the most promising projects are selected by a jury composed of design specialists.

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